Physical Therapy

All About Physical Therapy and Physical Therapy Assistants

Here are topics about the Physical Therapy profession including the nature of work and work environment; employment and job outlook; physical therapy skills; and a look at how much physical therapists earn on the average in some countries, such as the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. Physical therapy assistant topics are also included.

About Physical Therapy

Discussions on everything you need to know about physical therapy.

  • All About Physical Therapy
  • Physical Therapists – One of the Best Jobs in America
  • Physical Therapy
  • Physical Therapy, What is
  • Where Do Physical Therapists Work?
  • Specialties in Physical Therapy
  • Physical Therapists: Nature of Work and Work Environment
  • Physical Therapist Employment and Job Outlook
  • Physical Therapy Associations in the United States
  • Physiotherapy Associations in Canada

Physical Therapist Salaries

Physical therapist salary may vary from country to country and different settings. The following are some information regarding PT salaries. They are provided just to give you an idea how much a physical therapist makes in a year.

  • Average Salary for Physical Therapists in the United States
  • Physical Therapist Salary in the United States
  • Salary of United Kingdom (UK) Physical Therapists
  • Physical Therapist Salary in Canada
  • Physical Therapist Job Wages and Earnings

Physical Therapy Education

  • Become a Physical Therapist
  • Physical Therapy DPT
  • Physical Therapy Education and Training
  • Physical Therapy Schools in the Philippines
  • Physical Therapy Programs
  • Physical Therapy Degrees Offered by Schools and Universities
  • Career as a Physical Therapist Video 2012

About Physical Therapy Assistants (PTA)

Here are informations about being a physical therapy assistant or physical therapist assistant. Includes information about where and how PTAs work and average salary.

  • Who Are Physical Therapy Assistants?
  • Work Environment
  • Nature of Work
  • Employment and Job Outlook
  • Physical Therapy Assistant Salary in the United States
  • US Physical Therapist Assistant Schools

Physical Therapy Skills, Documentation and Tools

Information about skills learned in physical therapy and proper documentation including PT notes writing.

  • ACL Tear Grading
  • Muscle Strain Grading
  • Manual Muscle Test Grading
  • Do’s and Don’ts in Manual Muscle Testing
  • Range of Motion – Types of Range of Motion Exercises
  • Physical Therapy Abbreviations
  • Physical Therapy SOAP Notes (PT Notes) Basics
  • Everything About PT Notes
  • Measuring Tools Used by Physical Therapists

About the NPTE / NPTE-i

Information about the National Physical Therapy Examination in the United States including the NPTE-i exam given for certain foreign-trained physical therapists.

  • National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE)
  • What is the NPTE-i?
  • NPTE Fixed-Date Testing for All PT Candidates Starts July 1, 2011