Whether you have back or neck pain from work or at home. Or probably you experience pain in your shoulder. The Health and Wellness Page provides you with tips on coping with your back or neck pain, tips on prevention of conditions, and other health and wellness topics not discussed in other sections of the Physical Therapy Notes (PT Notes) Web site.

Simple Steps to Treat Muscle Strains at Home

Ankle Sprain – Ice or Heat?

Relieve Thigh Muscle Pain with RICE

When to Use Cold Therapy for Your Sports Injury

Exercise to Improve Flexibility of Your Groin Muscles

Patient Guide to Groin Strain

Groin Strain Prevention Tips

Home Remedies for Groin Strain

When to Use Heat for Muscle Strain

When to Use Ice for Muscle Strain


What is Bursitis?

Do I Have to Exercise While I’m on a Cast?

Abdominal Strengthening Exercises

What Is Lordosis?

Hip Replacement and Fear of Falling

What Is Hip Replacement Surgery?

About Hip Replacement

Limit Empty Calories in Your Child’s Diet to Prevent Obesity

Should You Have Steroid Injections of Your Achilles Tendon?

What Is Muscle Testing?

What Is Inflammation?

Types of Physical Therapy Exercises

Hamstring Stretching Exercises – Tight Hamstring Stretches

Shoulder Stretching Exercises to Improve Shoulder Flexibility

Sprain Vs Strain: The Difference

Should you Rest after a Back Injury?

Preventing Falls in the Elderly

Prevent Car Crash Injuries in Children

Overweight vs Obesity in Children

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator for Adults

Back to School Backpack Safety Tips

How Much Calcium Should Teens and Tweens Consume Daily?

Tips to Prevent Heat-Related Illnesses in Older People

Physical Therapy, Effective Alternative to Knee Surgery

Heat for Sports Injuries

Ice for Sports Injury

ACL Injury – Anterior Cruciate Ligament Sprain

RICE Therapy for Minor Injuries

How to Compute For Your Maximum Heart Rate

How to Compute For Your Your Target Heart Rate

Frequently Asked Questions About Exercise for Older Adults

Exercises for Older Adults

Have Osteoarthritis? You Should Exercise!

Proper Lifting Posture in the Workplace

Simple Low Back Pain Prevention Tips

Low Back Pain During Pregnancy: Can Physical Therapy Help?

How Does Ergonomics Help You?

Hip Fractures, The Prevention

Tips for Using Walkers and Canes

Neck Pain Upon Getting Out of Bed

Neck Pain Free Tips

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